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McDonald’s Junior Football Coach of the Year named

A stunned Brent Windelburn now has the trip of a lifetime to look forward to after being named the second ever McDonald’s Junior Football Coach of the Year. Brent, who coaches at Capital Football club Upper Hutt City,… [more]


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The Auckland Football Federation Coaches Network Facebook page is a useful portal to keep up to date with upcoming courses, sharing information and reaching out to members of the coaching community in our region.

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New Zealand Football recognise the enormous contribution that coaches of all abilities make to the game. Coaches require the skills, experience and qualifications relevant to the level of players they work with. The mantra ‘Better Coaches, Better Players’ summarises this succinctly by inferring the development of better coaches will lead to the development of better players.

To create ‘better players’ New Zealand must develop ‘better coaches’ and our ‘better coaches should be working with our better players’.


The NZF Coach Education consists of two pathways, “Community” and “Advanced”, allowing coaches to learn knowledge and skills that are specific to their situation, in an appropriate learning environment. Players require very different coaching at different stages in their development and these two pathways aim to provide support at each stage. Beginning coaches can enter the Community pathway at Introduction level or, if they believe that previous playing and coaching experience provides them with a higher base of knowledge, can immediately enter the Advanced pathway.

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Coaches at the community level are the ‘backbone’ of the coaching family and crucial to increasing participation and laying the foundations in developing the basic skills and intrinsic motivation that players need to have a lifelong passion for football.

The Community Pathway provides the volunteer coach, who may have varying levels of football knowledge or experience, with learning to ensure that they engage the players in a highly stimulating way.


The Advanced Pathway provides coaches with a structure to become a professional, ‘expert’ coach. New Zealand Football recognise that the game needs expert coaches at all age groups.

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