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Referee Profile – Eric Yu

Auckland Football Federation continues our monthly focus on match officials from all levels of the game within our region as we meet Eric Yu. Eric explains the challenges, trials and hard work involved to reach for the… [more]



Referees are an integral part of the football family and their performance is crucial to the the development of the game in New Zealand and within the Auckland Football Federation.

Referee education has been a key priority for the Auckland Football Federation and our referees have been given invaluable advice in technical and instructional sessions and tests, all designed to help the match officials achieve the standards required at whatever level they officiate.

Among that advice is significant tests and courses that referees undertake at AFF courses about the Laws of the Game.

If you want to know more about the various Referee Courses available to aspiring match officials you can do so by clicking here or you can contact AFF Referee Development Officer Paul Smith here:

Referee Nick Waldron. 2016 OFC Nations Cup, Tahiti v New Caledonia, Sir John Guise Stadium, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Sunday 5th June 2016. Photo: Shane Wenzlick /





2017 AFF Referees Awards Evening

The Auckland Football Federation Referee Awards Dinner took place at the Potters Park Events Centre in Balmoral on Saturday 23 September to recognise the achievements of our region’s match officials for 2017. Listed… [more]

Referee Profile – Sinan Chalabi

Auckland Football Federation continues our monthly focus on match officials from all levels of the game within our region as we meet Sinan Chalabi. Auckland Football Federation recognises the contribution of its match… [more]

AFF Referees Committee (AFFRC)

The Referees Committee is responsible for the stewardship and future well-being of refereeing throughout our District. The AFFRC meets monthly and currently comprises the following individuals:

  • Neil Fox – Chairman
  • Ian Hiscox – Deputy Chairman
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Katie Goudling
  • Tony Goulding
  • Morgan Breuer
  • David Brooke
  • Jeremy Ferguson
  • Hilary Osborne
  • Charlie Tseng

AFF Life Members

The following individuals are AFF Life Members or Life Members from AFF’s predecessor organisation Auckland Soccer Referees Association (ASRA)

  • Neil Fox
  • Ian Hiscox
  • Les Coffman (ASRA)
  • Alan Boniface (ASRA)
  • Ralph DeRaat (ASRA)
  • Sam Moore (ASRA)

Kanga Cup 2017

Auckland Football Federation match officials made a big impact at the Kanga Cup in Canberra, Australia.

Match officials at the Kanga Cup get the experience of being able to live the life of a professional official for a week and are involved in three to four matches per day as both a referee and assistant referee.

The reward for top performances in the group stages is potential control of finals matches and 2017 was no different.

“The AFF contingent did extremely well with all four being appointed to the Grand Finals.

“Riley Greenbury was given the main boys U-18 final as a referee,” Smith said.

To learn more about the Kanga Cup please click here.

Kanga Cup 2017

Auckland Football Federation

Match Officials
Salman Ali; Cameron Dickson-Hards; Riley Greenbury; Alan Tobin; Brandon Day; David Brooke; Jeremy Ferguson; Paul Smith

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